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Wings n Things


Wings n Things
Salads n Sides


Our chicken wings are deep fried to a golden brown

Smothered in our own Buffalo Hot Sauce

Served with Blue Cheese and Celery


Also available


BBQ, Garlic, Parmesan, and Honey Mustard


(BBQ or Honey Mustard add $1.00)

(Extra Blue Cheese - Small 50 Large 75)

(Side order of hot sauce - Small 25 Large 50)

Chicken Wings

Chicken Fingers

Single Order (10 pieces)


Single Order (5 Pieces over 1 lb.)


Double Order (20 pieces)


Double Order (10 Pieces over 2 lbs.)


Triple Order (30 pieces)


Bucket (25 pieces over 5 lbs.)


Bucket (50 pieces)


Chicken Fingers served with Krinkle kut fries

choice of BBQ or Buffalo Style sauce and Blue Cheese


Mozzarella Cheese Stix

Pizza Logs

Single order(6) w/ Pizza sauce


Single order(4) w/ Pizza sauce


Double order(12) w/ Pizza sauce


Double order(8) w/ Pizza sauce


Jalapeńo Poppers

Fried Mushrooms

Single order(5) w/ side of Ranch


Single order(10) w/ side of Ranch


Double order(10) w/ side of Ranch


Double order(20) w/ side of Ranch


Deep Fried Pickles

Fried Sampler Tray

Single order(6) w/ side of Ranch


3 Mozzarella sticks, 5 Fried mushrooms,

2 Pizza Fingers, and 3 Jalapeńo Poppers,

and Seasoned Curly Q's


Double order(12) w/ side of Ranch


Super Tacos




Chicken or Steak

Sweat Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms

 topped with Mixed Cheese


(Served with salsa and sour cream)








Greek (chicken or steak, black olives, feta)


Fish Taco


Taco In A Bag


Extra Cheese


Sour Cream



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